Have a look at the ACCU review and the comments on Amazon.  And here are some comments from experts in the field:

'Anyone who has ever uttered the joyous words, "I saved eight bytes!" will feel at home with this coherent, easy-to-use set of patterns for limited memory systems. As the computing world moves toward hand-held and specialized tiny computing devices, these patterns will continue to show their worth. This book should be on the shelf of every person who writes software for small systems.'
—Neil Harrison, Avaya Inc.

"Many of us have been waiting for someone to tackle the hard problems of resource shortages. In the growing collection of patterns, this book will provide some guidelines for these problems in a well-written, thoroughly enjoyable style. The authors share their real-world experience in the best patterns tradition — all the examples provide ample opportunity to see the solutions at work. This is a 'must have'!"
—Linda Rising

"The 1980s and 1990s can be described, harshly but accurately, as decades when software developers were increasingly careless about how much memory their software consumed. In "Small Memory Software", Weir and Noble give a timely wake-up call, pointing out some unexpected merits of more thoughtful usage of memory - and giving clear practical advice that should help reverse what has been a most unfortunate historical trend."
—David Wood, Executive Vice President, Symbian

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