Small Memory Software



Available online here


By Charles Weir and James Noble







A coherent, easy-to-use set of patterns for limited memory systems.  

As the computing world moves toward hand-held and specialized tiny computing devices, these patterns will continue to show their worth. This book should be on the shelf of every person who writes software for small systems -- Neil Harrison, Avaya Inc.

Learning by listening

§         There’s a recent podcast interview with the authors on Software Engineering Radio, available here.

You can buy this book through:




Here are some related resources:


·        Links to related sites

·        Archive of the C++ and Java source code for the examples in the book

·        Printable Pattern Summary


·        Another book on the web: Linda Rising’s Patterns Almanac!


And two unpublished chapters (PDF):


·        Thinking Small - The Processes for Creating Small Memory Software

·        User Involvement - Handling Memory Constraints using the UI


More information about the book Small Memory Software

Updated April 2022.

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