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Here are links to some related web sites.  Many of the links are taken from the Small Memory Software Bibliography, and we’ve brought these up to date as far as possible:


Our own home pages

·        James Noble’s home page is at

You can find some of his papers at

·        Charles Weir’s home page is at

You can find some of his papers at

Writing Software for Small Devices

·        Charles Weir and James Noble.  A Window In Your Pocket – Designing UIs for Small Devices. See

·        Marc S. Blank and S. W. Galley How to Fit a Large Program Into a Small Machine. Creative Computing, July 1980, pages 80-87. Available at

Systems Architecture

·          Enea OSE Systems. Strength and Structure in Real-time Operating Systems. White Paper, Enea OSE Systems AB, Täby | Sweden, 2000.  See Also

·        Doug Lea. A Memory Allocator. 2000.

·        RISC OS Ltd. RISC OS Programmers reference manuals. RiscOs Ltd, Cyncoed, Cardiff. 2000. See Also

·        Brian Ward. The Linux Kernel HOWTO. The Linux Documentation Project. . June 1999.

Theory of Life

·          James Noble, Robert Biddle.  Notes on Postmodern Programming.  See . (Not much to do with small memory, but you should read it anyway!)

·          Brian Hayes. Collective Wisdom. American Scientist. March-April 1998. See also:

·          Gordon Moore. An Update on Moore’s Law. Keynote address to Intel Developer Forum. See: 1997.

·        W. T. Sullivan, III, D. Werthimer, S. Bowyer, J. Cobb , D. Gedye, and D. Anderson. A new major SETI project based on Project Serendip data and 100,000 personal computers. Astronomical and Biochemical Origins and the Search for Life in the Universe. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Bioastronomy. IAU Colloq. No. 161C.B. Cosmovici, S. Bowyer, and D. Werthimer, editors. Editrice Compositori, Bologna, Italy. 1997. See also:

·        Sharon Tabor IS380 - Business Telecommunications Course. 2000.


·        Ed Lycklama. Memory Leaks in Java. Presentation at Java One, San Francisco, California, 1999.  See Also the white papers at:

Symbian OS and its Implementation

·          Symbian Ltd. Exception handling in EPOC. Tutorial, Symbian Ltd. London, 1999.

·          Symbian Ltd. Symbian OS SDK Documentation, Symbian Ltd, London 1999.   See also

·        Symbian Ltd. The Theory of Binary Compatibility. Symbian C++ Knowledgebase Article, Symbian Ltd, London, 2000. See

·          Martin Tasker. Trap Cleanup: Memory management and cleanup. Revision 1.0 Symbian Ltd. London. 1999. See also

·          Martin Tasker. Managing C++ APIs. Revision 1.0 Symbian Ltd. London. 1999. See also

·        Andrew Thoelke. DBMS Sharing: DBMS enhancements in EPOC R5. Revison 0.1 Symbian Ltd. London. 1999. See Also:


·        M. Burrows and D.J. Wheeler, A Block-sorting Lossless Data Compression Algorithm, SRC Research Report 124, Digital Systems Research Center, Palo Alto, May 1994

·        The BZIP2 Home Page:

·        G. Stephen Kinnear. The Compression Technology in Multimedia., 1999.

Memory Management

·        The Memory Management Reference at

·        Richard Jones. The Garbage Collection Page. 2000

·        Mpatrol Links page: .  See also


A main organisation behind the Patterns Movement is the Hillside Group.  See their home page for links to the patterns conferences, plus lists of books on the subject etc.

ACCU have a selection of book reviews


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